The Chinese audience is closer than you think

Connect with one of the largest markets in the world, from anywhere in the world.

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Reaching China

MiQ brings the Chinese market closer than it’s ever been before. Here’s how we do it.

Local programmatic partnerships for the Chinese market.

Instant access to the largest programmatic inventory sources in China.

Premium data sourced from China’s most popular apps for custom audience targeting.

Independent ad verification for tackling transparency and fraud.

Confidence and clarity with bi-lingual specialists in China and your market.


How global brands can connect with one of the largest markets in the world, from anywhere in the world

No one doubts the opportunity in China. But getting access to its massive and growing legions of digitally savvy, programmatically addressable consumers remains a challenge.

Part of the reason is because of a major misconception - that to go digital in China, you need to be there with an on-the-ground team. In our new ebook, we outline a new approach that makes it easier than ever for global brands to say ‘yes to China, whether that’s scaling current spending or taking it on for the first time.

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The opportunity in China is unprecedented

Programmatic is growing fast. Really fast. It’s the most efficient and transparent method to reach the mobile-first digital-savvy Chinese audience.

Our programmatic partnerships

Our local programmatic partnerships are designed with the Chinese market in mind

Our DSP partners have 97% coverage across the China internet population. Our data partners curate custom audiences from 1bn+ monthly active unique devices. And our ad verification and intelligent measurement solutions help ensure independence and trusted programmatic outcomes.

Our inventory partnerships

Our inventory partners provide access to more than 30bn daily display, native and video programmatic opportunities.

Our data sources

Our data is sourced from the most popular mobile apps in China. Cut through the noise with custom audience targeting to meet your exact needs. Here are just some of our data sources:

We’ve partnered with all the programmatic technology, inventory and data you need to build a connected solution for succeeding with programmatic in China.


How you can succeed with programmatic in China.
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Read our one-pager to find out how we can help you can reach Chinese consumers more effectively.

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Learn more about programmatic in China

Want to learn more about programmatic in China, the digital ecosystem or the opportunity China presents? Schedule an MiQ Unlocked session with one of our China experts.

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